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We are specialist in production custom SWITCHGEAR and Instalation of the equipment, machines and automated lines

Our service portfolio is wide enough to satisfy your technical needs. We are not a corporate company, rather we have a family approach and treat every customer individually and they can feel the difference. No matter if you want to order switchgear or get your equipment installed, we are the right choice.

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About our company

Since the establishment of the company in 2015, we never stopped growing. Already in the year 2017 we reached our first goal: turnover of 1 million euro and that with 20 employees. In 2019 we opened our own production hall with an area of 1200 m², and then we extended it by another 600 m².

As we put the highest focus on quality we are certified with the ISO 9001 certificate and thereby we guarantee our will to continuously improve our processes and production. This is also projected into our services during an assembly at the customer´s site.

Our main portfolio

Even before the founding of our company, we collected long-term experience in the field of switchgear, installation of equipment, and assembly of aluminum(rexroth) constructions. These experiences led to our independence and with our further production/installation experiences we have become experts in the below-mentioned fields.

production of standardized and atypical custom switchgear
Installation of the equipment, machines and automated lines
Mechanical assembly and Disassembly of the Aluminium constructions


Right from the first view, you can see that you are in good company. As a sub-contractor we have co-operated with the biggest players on the market, but we delivered our services also to smaller companies. Take an action and be one of our satisfied customers as well.

Yes, we offer either standard switchgear, but we find the most exciting part in creating the switchgear according to your needs.

Generally we are able to produce up to 100 switchgear units.  As the dimensions and the inside equipment can vary, get in touch with us to find out the best solution for your business.

We use only certified components of the highest quality with traceable origin.

As a matter of fact, we always like to assemble what we produce, so do not hesitate to ask for an assembly as well.

One part of our company´s scope is the installation of equipment, machines, and automated lines. We will be happy to prepare a separate quotation for this service.

Currently we have two workshops, one with the size 1200m2 and the smaller one with a generous size of 600m2.



Mlynská 691/20,082 71, Lipany, Slovakia



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