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production of standardized
and atypical SWITCHGEAR

Our company has a long-term experience in the production of both standardized and atypical switchgear according to the client's specifications and current needs. We are very flexible and can adapt to the changes in customer requirements and fulfill the highest standards of this production. With your order, you can expect the highest quality, on-time delivery, and the best customer approach.

Sample of our works

Here you can see the past projects of our company. The professional eye will see, that we leave nothing to chance and do our work as it is our hobby.

Electrical Design With ePLAN

We manufacture custom electrical switchgear according to the exact specification of the customer and according to the processed documentation in the eplan software-

Why you should choose us?

The answer is quite simple. Once you will experience our service and get a test of our products, you will be able to tell the difference. Our personal approach to your needs, willingness to communicate, and drive to fulfill your needs will persuade you from the beginning. Why you should choose us?


Right from the first view, you can see that you are in good company.

More sample of our works



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