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Installation of the equipment,
machines and automated lines

Due to our long-term experience with various machines and automated lines all around the globe, we can proudly call ourselves professionals. We have built machines and lines of various dimensions and for various purposes and made our customers satisfied. Unlock your potential and contact us for more details.

Our service portfolio

Why you should choose us?

The answer is quite simple. Once you will experience our service and get a test of our products, you will be able to tell the difference. Our personal approach to your needs, willingness to communicate, and drive to fulfill your needs will persuade you from the beginning. Why you should choose us?


Right from the first view, you can see that you are in good company. As a sub-contractor we have co-operated with the biggest players on the market, but we delivered our services also to smaller companies. Take an action and be one of our satisfied customers as well.



Mlynská 691/20,082 71, Lipany, Slovakia



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